About Us

KUNJAN COLLECTIVE LLC – “Collected Music Intelligence”
KUNJAN (noun) ə: \kun-‘jen\ (Pronunciation: Like “Dungeon” but with a “K”) \ Definition: Sweet Sound

Since 2007, KUNJAN COLLECTIVE has been a streamlining management operation of DJ’s and Musician talent for the Resort, Hotel, Restaurant, Lounge, Festival, Conference, Hospitality, Corporate, and Private Industries.

Founder and Managing Director, Kunjan studied at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) in New York City and began his career as a DJ back in 1993. He has since performed all over the globe and has received multiple prestigious accolades.

In addition to fostering a company that prides itself on communication and its years of industry expertise consulting with respective talent management needs. KUNJAN COLLECTIVE has sought out some of the most unique DJ’s, Musicians, and Producers, in the industry, from all over the world.